Write An Article

I want to add content to this blog, and I welcome anyone's ideas.  When you've submitted an article, I will work with you to edit for grammar, punctuation and clarity. When we edit some of these things, you will find that your writing "voice" is much more clear. It will "sound" like you.

I truly appreciate your interest. I hope you enjoy the time you spend writing for this blog. I would love for this to be a community resource, or even a resource for people outside our community, since this site is available to the whole world.

Read the information below, then contact me:

James Mitchell
Text or call: 801-628-0239
email: bookdenbooks@gmail.com


  • The article should be longer than 100 words and less than 500 words.
  • No cursing.
  • No reviews of pornographic stories. 
  • If a book has adult language or adult scenes, I welcome the review. In fact, you can let your readers know there is adult material in the story so they can consider that before reading it.
  • You DO NOT have to review books that you bought at the shop in Fountain Green.  You can review any book you like.

Article Ideas

I'm open for a lot of things. I'm not picky. If it's book, literature, literacy or library-related, I'm all for it. But for things other than book reviews, just send me a message, email or text to make sure you're not duplicating something that's already been done, or that is currently being written.
  • Book reviews are the most obvious post for this blog. I am not a professional book reviewer, and I don't expect you to be one either. However, please read the article linked below for a pretty good summary for writing book reviews.
  • Listicles, such as top 3, 5 or 10 lists. They have to be book or literature-related.
  • Library promotion. If you want to write something about the library in your town, that sounds great to me.
  • Pitch me another idea. I'll probably love it.


This is a labor of love. At best, the Book Den and this blog is a self-funding hobby.  However, I do have something I can offer you, if you want to take advantage of it—wholesale books, toys, games, journals, art supplies and other stuff. I have access to the largest book and gift supplier in the world. I won't mark it up. That's a 40% to 45% savings for you, on most items. 

I will include a list of some non-book brands below. You may also download the Ingram Stock Check app and browse (this is the app many bookstore clerks use to tell you if they can order a book for you).

Limit: I guess I should put a limit on it, right? A month. If you write a review, you can pay wholesale for a month. If you write a post each month, you can order whatever you want at my price whenever you want. Shipping is $3 for the first item, and 50 cents for each additional item, delivered by UPS.

Brands Available
  • Nearly every book in publication. Deseret Book and Cedar Fort Press are not included, as they do not make their books available outside their networks. But Shadow Mountain is on the list. Scholastic, Penguin-RandomHouse, Simon & Schuster, Bloomsbury...really, almost any book in the world.
  • Melissa & Doug
  • Klutz
  • Galison Puzzles
  • The Puppet Company
  • Folkmanis Puppets
  • Mindware
  • Thames and Kosmos
  • Peter Pauper
  • Ooly
  • Dover coloring books
  • Gund
  • Darkhorse