What Can We Offer Your Store?

You're running around like crazy, working twelve to fourteen hour days. You'd like to do more with that little wall or corner over there. Maybe if...you had more employees, more money, more time, more...

Let us help you.

Book Den is a full service bite-sized bookstore. We inhabit that unprofitable back wall or corner, make it look great, stock it with product, and give your customers even more reasons to visit your store.

When we advertise our shop, we advertise yours. Imagine having employees you only have to pay if their efforts result in purchases. It's kind of like that. 

Consider the following: 
  • No cash investment. We spend the money to get this started and to keep it operating.
  • Very small spaces. Whatever wall or corner you can spare, that's where Book Den will live. 
  • No worries about inventory. After you decide how you want us to serve your store, we track inventory and we keep the shelves stocked with top quality items.  
  • We can help stock your store with other things, too. Using our amazing access to wholesale toys, games, novelties, journals, bibles...Anything you can find in larger bookstores, we can make your store even more of a destination.
  • We research everything.  We know what other brick and mortar stores charge for the same items. We know the prices online. With our collaboration, customers who check prices on their smartphones before deciding what to buy, are more likely to buy from your store.
Book den is a micro-bookstore stocked with New York Times bestselling books, as well as books written by local authors. This is an experimental model, and I have loved working with the store owner as we navigate this new world.

My name is James Mitchell, and I manage Anderson Publishing, LLC. My group's usual business is to edit, format and publish books. I opened the first Book Den in the Fountain Green General Store (two blocks from my home) in November 2019, and I operate this little shop with my wife and children.

I believe rural stores are due for a renaissance, and my family would love for Book Den to be part of your store's success. 

Let's do business.

James Mitchell
phone: 801-628-0239
email: bookdenbooks@gmail.com
website: www.AndersonPublishingCompany.com